3D printen

All bowties on this website are designed with a 3D program and subsequently printed with a 3D printer. Layer by layer your bowtie is created out of scratch. 


Most frequently we use PLA/PHA. This thermoplastic is biodegradable. It gives a nicely finished look. The layers have an average width of 200 μm.

A second option is Woodfill PLA. This material gives your bowtie a wooden look. In this material wood chips, bamboo and cork are prosessed.

At last also a metal look is possible. (Metalfill PLA) It contains steel, copper and bronze. Ofcourse this gives your bowtie a more exclusive look.


Differtent colours are possible when you choose for PLA/PHA:
Black, brown, bronze, gold, turquoise, copper, dark blue, dark green, dark red, dark grey, green, light blue, red, light grey, pink, purple, orange, fluorescent, white and yellow.

At this moment it isn't possible to choose the color of a Woodfill or Metalfill bowtie. 


Every bowtie includes the hardware to wear it. The buckle is adjustable and the ribbon is attached to the bowtie so you can't lose it. 


Normally the production of a bowtie takes approximately 2 weeks. (transportation excluded) If you need it urgently, don't hesitate to contact us!